Redneck Princess This lotion stick is "THE BALM!!"

Skeeter Stick


My all natural mosquito repellent is  100 percent chemical free and  is effective at warding off  no seeums and mosquitoes that may carry viruses like Zika  and West Nile.Protect yourself and your family!  Safe for  kids and even pets! Enjoy the outdoors  again without being eaten alive! Conditions  skin! Convenient stick form travels well, no sticky sprays or leaky bottles!Apply to exposed areas when mosquitoes and no seeums are present. Reapply as needed. Not for children under  two years old.                                                                                                 CONTAINS, beeswax , coconut oil, mango and  shea butters, sweet almond oil, citronella , cedarwood , geranium,lemongrass peppermint  and eucalyptus essential oils.